12 Zodiac-specific lucky color

Red is a symbol of passion and fire for Aries. Lust, passionate emotion, and desire are traits of the Aries sign.

Aries: Red

Green is the color of the earth signs. The desires of a Taurus are those of success, abundance, and earthy indulgences.

Taurus: Green

The color of communication is yellow. The color of communication is yellow.

Gemini: Yellow

White and silver are associated with the moon in Cancer. These colors are the representation of intuition and purity. 

Cancer: White or Silver

Leos represent the colors of gold and orange. By employing the colors, Leo can "revel in its regal authority and regal beauty".

Leo: Orange or Gold

The color brown symbolizes this Earth sign. Brown signifies Mercury, the planet of stability and growth.

Virgo: Brown

Since Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, it loves pale pink hues. With this color, Libras are tuned to harmony, serenity, balance, sensitivity, and affection. 

Libra: Light Pink

Scorpio, a water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, is in tune with black. Black offers safety and mystery to scorpios. 

Scorpio: Black

Purple is the color of the Sagittarius. It serves as a symbol for spirituality. Their dispositions are positive and serene.

Sagittarius: Purple

Capricorn's power color is burgundy, which stands for excellence and sophistication—qualities that this sign places a high value on.

Capricorn: Burgundy

According to Montufar, Aquarians should dress in electric blue because Uranus is the planet of creativity and electricity.

Aquarius: Electric blue

While Pisces favors a more subdued hue of blue green, Aquarius favors vivid blues.

Pisces: Teal