Al Roker's calamitous weekend has led fans to express the same sentiments.

During the Memorial Day weekend, he and his wife Deborah Roberts were faced with an unanticipated disaster when their apartment refrigerator suddenly ceased working.

The Emmy Award-winning meteorologist, who is presently taking a leave of absence from the Today Show to recover from knee replacement surgery, and his family found solace in an impromptu trip to the countryside.

Deborah, 62, utilized Instagram to reveal candid details about their tumultuous weekend, beginning with a shocking image of their apartment reduced to its bare skeleton with an HVAC-style machine in operation.

She captioned her post with the phrase "Real life moments... Just before the Memorial Day weekend, the refrigerator failed.

Leaving behind a dripping, odorous mass." In a casual outfit and with her hair in a practical style, Deborah can be seen looking composed despite the pandemonium.

With a basement refrigerator and coolers at their disposal, the couple and their children Leila, 24, and Nicholas, 20, decided to take advantage of the mild weather and fresh air by venturing outdoors. 

They traveled to the fashionable town of Kingston, New York, where they immersed themselves in the lively local scene.

The television journalist's subsequent tweets depict a day replete with happiness and smiles. She posted a beautiful vehicle selfie with Al, who was wearing a wide-brimmed hat and smiling gently. 

The family attended an outdoor fair, admired exquisite floral arrangements, and relished a sunny alfresco meal.

Deborah concluded her series of photographs by preparing lemonade, with the caption "When life gives you lemons... Lemonade!"