Alica Schmidt Shares Miami Fashion Show Backstage Video

Alica Schmidt, a German sprinter and Olympic hurdles hopeful, recently competed in the 2023 German Indoor Championships, finishing 4th in the 400 meters hurdles and 1st in the 4x200 meters relay. 

She marked '500 days until Paris' on her calendar, a milestone for Olympic hopefuls like herself, as she aims to make the German National Team for the upcoming Paris Olympics. 

Despite her rigorous track and field training schedule, Schmidt managed to fly to Miami and walk the runway as a model in a Boss fashion show. 

She shared behind-the-scenes footage of her 'day in the life as a model' in a TikTok video, giving her fans a glimpse into her modeling experience. 

Schmidt also posted an Instagram video showcasing her confident walk on the runway, demonstrating her versatility as an athlete and model. 

Her dedication to both sports and modeling highlights her ability to manage a busy and demanding schedule. 

With her achievements in track and field and her successful appearance as a model, Schmidt continues to make waves in multiple industries. 

As an Olympic hurdles specialist, she aspires to represent Germany in the Paris Olympics and further showcase her talent on the world stage. 

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