Breakups are painful for these zodiac signs.

Cancerians are the most emotional. Cancerians risk a lot in relationships. Due of their sensitivity, they get too close to the person they're dating and can't manage breaking up gently.


Taureans take time to know people. They're reclusive. They trust their date. Breakups are hard. It confuses and hinders acceptance.


Leos are extremely domineering and cannot accept no. If their relationship fails and their partner proposes a breakup, they will throw a tantrum. Expect a rough breakup.


Capricorns can handle breakups, but they lose confidence. Though logical and reasonable, they are sensitive and emotional in relationships. They'll cut off their ex, but they'll never fully move on.


You now understand how personalities and temperaments end relationships.

The thing about break-up

If you've worked with any of these zodiac signs, you'll understand their behavior when you broke up.

Thus, zodiac signs are crucial to understanding a person's personality.