'Chicago Fire' Fans, We Found Out If Taylor Kinney Is Leaving the Show

Chicago Fire has been on NBC for over a decade, but audiences still follow Firehouse 51's employees. 

While many have come and gone, there are still characters (and performers) who people look forward to seeing every Wednesday night. 

Thus, when lieutenant and Truck Company 81 officer in charge Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) left after 200 episodes in season 10, some worried that other key characters would follow.

Taylor Kinney's Lieutenant Kelly Severide has fans wondering about her fate in the season 11 finale. Taylor left Chicago Fire in January to "deal with a personal matter," Variety said. 

Severide would disappear while doing "arson investigation training." Many remember him.

We investigated whether the actor will return to Chicago Fire. See whether Taylor Kinney is leaving Chicago Fire. Taylor's Chicago Fire return is unknown.

The program confirmed to Deadline that Severide and Taylor will not appear in the season 11 finale on May 24. 

After leaving in October 2021, Jesse Spencer will return as Casey, NBC revealed.

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