Davante Adams Makes Clear Statement About Raiders Future

Davante Adams' debut season with the Las Vegas Raiders did not go as planned.

The All-Pro wide receiver continued to put up high statistics, but after signing Adams, a club that had made the playoffs in 2021 struggled to a 6-11 season. 

As a result, the Raiders released quarterback Derek Carr, Adams' Fresno State teammate who had played a crucial part in wooing him to the Raiders.

Even more recently, Adams confessed that he and the franchise's front staff "don't see eye-to-eye" on offensive strategy.

Unsurprisingly, this raised fears that Adams would demand a trade. However, Adams stated unequivocally on Thursday that he had no plans to play elsewhere.

According to NFL reporter Ari Meirov, Adams told reporters that he enjoys working with the Raiders and that his statements were "taken out of context."

"If you guys are that bored, go play Monopoly or something s--t," Adams suggested. This should allay the anxieties of Raiders fans, who are also anxious about quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's health.

 According to reports this week, Garoppolo had surgery on his ailing left foot in March and will miss the team's OTAs as a result. Adams' $140 million contract is up in four years.

Cincinnati's 2023 left tackle is Brown. In 2023, he'll want to earn first-team All-Pro honors for the fourth year in a row while also helping the Raiders return to the playoffs.