GOP legislator finds LGBTQ+ community "a disease" and contagious.

Kentucky state representative claims "LGBTQI+ community is a disease."

The description for Republican state Rep. Josh Calloway's YouTube video podcast on Target's Pride collection included that false claim.

A drag queen's wholesome Instagram post publicizing The North Face Pride event upsets her. Calloway was severely criticized, then defended the declaration while blaming an employee.

Your news, reported by your friends. Calloway tweeted that LGBTQIA+ and gender ideology is spreading on social media like a social contagion and targeting bewildered children. 

“I am amazed at the hypocrisy of people who promote genital mutilation, chemical castration, and the murder of unborn babies, yet ‘clutch their pearls’ when they read my video producer’s YouTube description.”

Since early May, far-right activists have recorded visits to Target stores and complained about Pride displays. Camera-wielding clients yell at Target personnel in some instances.

South Carolina, Arkansas, and Georgia stores have moved Pride displays to the back and removed Pride clothing from mannequins to decrease visibility.

LGBTQ+ artisans designed rainbows and cartoons on t-shirts, socks, athletic gear, and kitchenware for summer Pride. Target is accused of "grooming and indoctrinating children."

Right-wing agitators falsely claimed the company sold "tuck-friendly" swimwear for kids, the AP reported. Target sells adult sizes of those clothes.

Michael Frazier, a gay Republican operative, said, “and you didn’t show it in this statement.”