Ja Morant's mother is being blamed for aiding to ruin his reputation.

Ja Morant's mother has come under fire for her alleged part in the NBA superstar's rapid fall in the last year.

Morant has been "suspended from all team activities" by the Memphis Grizzlies after flashing a gun on Instagram for the second time in three months. 

The NBA has initiated an investigation, and commentators believe Morant might face a large suspension and fine, which could amount to half a season without pay.

The comedian and social commentator brought up the Morant matter on "The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show" with Darlene Ortiz, Maaacus & Kraig around the 33-minute mark. 

While sorting through the wreckage of his shattered life, everyone agreed that, while Morant was blessed with a two-parent household, they are nonetheless contributors and enablers of Morant's odd behavior

which has landed him in hot water with the NBA, the public, and major endorsement brands.

One of the hosts suggested that Morant's father is acting more as a "homeboy" than a guide and mentor.

 Ja Morant and eight n—- arrive in the shoe store. They pursued the youngster into the rear room, where he had to lock the door so he wouldn't be moved on."

Another host speculated that the mother — and father — are bitter and resentful of their son's success, fame, and riches, and are a little jealous of him.

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