Jennifer Lopez's non-binary child has undergone a remarkable change.

For ten years, Jennifer Lopez was married to Marc Anthony. The couple had two children at the time, Maximilian David and Emme Maribel Muiz. 

Despite being only 15 years old, the twins have already proven that they, too, are superstars like their parents. Emme recently astounded the globe with their remarkable makeover.

Jennifer posted a TikTok video in 2022 in which she discussed Emme using they/them pronouns, and Emme herself would come out as non-binary later that year.

Jennifer and Marc have both publicly voiced their support and expressed their pride in them since then.

Emme stunned the internet with their remarkable change just one year after their debut. They used to dress more femininely as children, wearing pink dresses, skirts,

and butterfly bags. However, their style has shifted dramatically in recent months, and it can now be defined as more easygoing and sporty.

They have recently been seen wearing loose shorts and T-shirts, which are deemed more macho. Although their style has evolved,

it appears that Emme is still following in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez, as they want to make a statement with their fashion choices and are not hesitant to express their own individuality via them.