Jimmy Garoppolo failed physical, per Pro Football Talk.

The Las Vegas Raiders delayed announcing quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's contract, sparking rumors of an injury.

Given Garoppolo's background and the fact that he is recuperating from a foot ailment from last season, Pro Football Talk feels it was a natural connection.

Mike Florio of PFT obtained a modified Garoppolo contract that includes a waiver for the pre-existing foot ailment.

PFT signed Garoppolo. It has a crucial last clause—Addendum G—that concerns Garoppolo's foot ailment from the 2022 season,

for which he had surgery after signing with the Raiders. Florio wrote.

“Addendum G waives and releases. The waiver states that Garoppolo would fail the team's physical 

"because of a preexisting medal and middle cuneiform and a fracture of the base of the second metatarsal in the Player's left foot and that the Club would not enter into an NFL Player Contract with Player" without it.

Brock Purdy played because of his 2022 regular season injury. Florio lists all the changes that could help the Raiders get out of the quarterback's contract.

Garoppolo's 2023 base salary and signing bonus were $11.25 million. In 2023, the Raiders converted the $22.5 million signing bonus into base salary due to the foot ailment.