Little Mermaid outrage alters IMDb ratings.

Review bombing is a weird characteristic of Internet-era movies. 

The term refers to users submitting bad film reviews to reduce its average rating. Review bombs typically haven't seen the film they're criticizing or are reacting to a non-film-related aspect. 

Racists may review bomb The Little Mermaid live-action adaptation because a Black actor played Ariel.

Other reasons dissatisfied Internet users would review bomb The Little Mermaid include a dislike of Disney's live-action movies or

if you support Ron DeSantis, Disney in general. IMDb knows about the pranks. 

The Little Mermaid review page on the U.S., Canadian, U.K., Brazilian, and Mexican Internet Movie Database websites included a caution.

IMDb's review weighting process and criteria are unclear. 

To “ensure that our rating mechanism remains effective,” IMDB does not “disclose the exact method used to generate the rating.” 

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