Magic Johnson Stood as the Celtics and Bucks Recalled Old-School NBA Play.

Magic Johnson expressed his "upset" that the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks' playoff series had to end.NBA fans can now. 

Finally exhale after a hectic Sunday that featured two Game 7s. The Boston Celtics won their difficult series against the Milwaukee. 

Bucks to go to the Eastern Conference Finals. With a 33-point victory over the Phoenix Suns on the road, the Dallas Mavericks . 

Stunned the entire world. Magic Johnson, a former member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Openly expressed his "upset" at the conclusion of the Bucks/Celtics playoff series.  

You'll comprehend why if you're an old-school basketball enthusiast.Johnson is obsessed with the.  

Playoffs, despite the fact that his Lakers did not get to the postseason. The Celtics/Bucks series is what has the Hall of Fame.  

Point guard on edge despite the fact that he seems to be enjoying the NBA postseason.