Nearly half of US has pro-life laws one year after Dobbs. National protections are needed.

Up until last Saturday, Roe v. Wade still applied to all states. The ability to protect life was limited among the populace and their representatives at all levels of government.

Currently, laws protecting infants from conception until 12 weeks have been passed in nearly 25 states. 

We gained tremendous momentum over the course of ten days last month, and as a result, 

 we reached this milestone before the first anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization.

In my native North Carolina, the General Assembly passed a veto override on May 16 that created a 12-week window of protection for unborn children.

In spite of Gov. Roy Cooper's attempts to intimidate four Republicans into supporting him, which culminated in a rally on Mother's Day weekend to defend late-term abortions in North Carolina,

the victory was achieved. Thank goodness he failed because steadfast lawmakers stood their ground.

Gov. Jim Pillen signed Nebraska's Preborn Child Protection Act six days after North Carolina's win. After failing to pass a heartbeat bill, Nebraska legislators rallied to pass it.