Now there's one more reason for Broncos supporters to despise Tom Brady.

When Tom Brady was a quarterback for the Denver Broncos, the team's supporters loved to loathe him. They now have yet extra. 

Excuse to despise the quarterback. The Las Vegas Raiders announced on Monday that Brady will become a minority owner. 

Beginning with the 2023 season, Brady is slated to take on the role of co-owner of the greatest opponent of the Broncos.

Throughout his distinguished career, Brady had a 9-9 record versus the Broncos, including an 8-6 regular-season record and a 1-3  

Playoff record (his lone postseason victory against Denver occurred when Tim Tebow was the starting quarterback).

Peyton Manning and Brady had a rivalry that began when Manning played with the Indianapolis Colts and persisted after Manning switched to the Denver Broncos. 

Brady held an 11-6 career advantage over Manning in their matchups, but Manning had the upper hand in the postseason with a 3-2 postseason record against.  

Brady (including two playoff victories with Denver). Brady has now joined the AFC West as a minority owner, igniting the Broncos-Raiders rivalry even further.