Outlander fans "need therapy" after season 7's devastating second episode.

Season seven's release in the early hours of Friday morning may have thrilled Outlander enthusiasts.

After the emotional rollercoaster of the newest episode's release on June 23, their happiness may have been short-lived.

Some viewers remarked they'll "need therapy" to recover from the new episode's emotional content.

Episode two, "The Happiest Place on Earth," began with Allan Christie, a character from season 6. In the opening scenes, Allan and Claire argued over Malva's grave.

As Allan grieved and disclosed he'd had an incestual connection with his sister, Claire knew for sure that Tom Christie hadn't murdered her and that her brother had been envious of her sleeping with other men.

Allan's destiny was determined, but fans of the time-travelling blockbuster hit still had more misery to come.

After Brianna's daughter Amanda was born, Claire saw she had blue fingertips and told her her only hope was to go 200 years into the future for treatment. 

Claire and Jamie were devastated when the MacKenzies left, and Jamie informed Claire he wouldn't carry on if it were just for him but would for her.

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