Review: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Netflix show 'Fubar' is a disgrace

You are known as the "Terminator." You play the role of "Conan the Barbarian." You're a cop imprisoned in a classroom with kindergartners, Danny DeVito's twin,

and the previous governor of California (who isn't even a fake character). You're 75 years old and a grown guy. You've had a successful career in both Hollywood and politics.

People don't need to know your last name to recognize you; there is only one "Arnold." So, knowing all of this, I must ask: 

What were you thinking when you created your terrible Netflix series? "Fubar" (now streaming, out of four) is what would happen if we ordered artificial intelligence to script an Arnold

Schwarzenegger show in the worst conceivable way. The series is full with clichés, followed by agonizing discomfort and then stunned confusion. 

Humans are speaking, but I don't believe they wrote the dialogue. It wasn't worth whatever Netflix paid you for it.

The film "Fubar" is directed by Nick Santora ("Reacher") and follows an about-to-retire CIA agent, Luke Brunner (Schwarzenegger), who is enticed back into service to assist a fellow agent.

What's the catch? Luke's daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro) is that other agent, and he doesn't realize it until he runs across her in the field while they're both working undercover.