The Flash officially incorporates the oldest villain complaint into the Arrow verse canon.

The following contains SPOILERS for the series finale of The Flash.In the series finale, a common criticism about the abundance of speedy villains inhabiting the Arrowverse became canon.

Barry Allen confronted a range of metahuman threats with distinct and odd superpowers throughout the course of nine seasons. 

Despite this, it appeared that the vast majority of the main villains fought by Team Flash each season were villainous speedsters who called Barry Allen's claim of being "The Fastest Man Alive" into question.

"A New World, Part Four," The Flash's series finale, put Barry Allen against an old foe, as the resurrected Eddie Thawne became the new Negative Speed Force avatar.

The newly christened Cobalt Blue created his own Legion of Doom, made up of the many terrible speedsters that failed to defeat The Flash in the past

and was empowered by a weird blue crystal that also granted him the power to alter time itself. 

While this resulted in a dramatic high-speed combat across Central City

 it also prompted a common criticism of The Flash's enemies.

Will Smith allegedly 'lied' about contacting Chris Rock.