The quarterback of the Raiders considered leaving the team.

As Jimmy Garoppolo recovers from his most recent surgery, Brian Hoyer has moved from the injured reserve list of the Patriots to getting significant offseason reps with the Raiders. 

 Hoyer, a former UDFA, managed the Raiders' offense during their preseason practice.

According to Vic Tafur of The Athletic (subscription required), the veteran quarterback had considered retiring after the 2022 season before being presented with this unusual opportunity. 

Since joining New England in 2009, Hoyer, 37, has been playing in the NFL. Hoyer, a Patriots backup quarterback with experience, finished his most recent stint with the team last year.

Prior to Bailey Zappe's unexpected opportunity to make his debut as a rookie, Hoyer took over for Mac Jones after the Patriots' starter sprained his high ankle. 

Hoyer started the game in October against the Packers and completed 5 of 6 passes, but he only played 15 snaps before being forced to sit out with a concussion. 

Last year, the journeyman arm did not play once more. Hoyer believed he was prepared to be activated later in the season and wasn't expected to miss the rest of the year, 

but the Pats kept him on injured reserve. Before signing Garoppolo, the Raiders, who have acquired a number of former Josh McDaniels Patriots charges, had Hoyer on their list of potential mentors. 

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