The sign of the zodiac most associated with extreme emotions.

When you first meet someone, you may be taken aback by how intense they are.

Whether you're on a first date with someone who asks excessive questions or someone who won't stop,

Some folks have a distinct level of intensity when they stare at you from across the bar. 

And people can channel this power in a variety of ways: some are always at the gym, while others put on a show as lawyers in a courtroom.

 Is there any way to figure out where this behavior is coming from? As it turns out, astrology can provide some insights regarding which signs are more likely than others to be ob a deeper level.

Continue reading to discover which zodiac signs are the most intense, from the active and excited to the entirely focused on one thing only.

Libras are known to pursue justice and will not rest until they find it.


Cancers are known for being overly emotional about everything.


Capricorns are known to be hard workers. If you've ever worked with a Cap, you know that nothing can stop them when they're in the zone.


Leos are always looking to be in command. After all, they are the Zodiac's rulers and queens.


It's hardly surprise that Aries is at the top of this list because they're accustomed to being the best. According to Evans, Aries often become tyrants and leaders because they "give impassioned speeches and work tirelessly to enlist the help of thousands to support their cause."


Scorpios are known for their ferocity. According to Evans, "Mars-ruled Scorpios will dig deep until they can't anymore," making them "intense in everything they do."