The Star Sign That Is the Least Reliable, Per an Astrologer

The strongest relationships are said to be based on trust, therefore it's crucial to make sure your values and those of your spouse coincide. 

Building a relationship in which you can rely on one another requires traits like reliability, consistency, and compassion, among others. 

Astrology can actually play a significant effect in determining who makes the best (and worst) confidants when it comes to honesty or being able to trust someone to keep their word.

Discover the six untrustworthy zodiac signs—from the mildly dishonest to the most treacherous—by reading on.

Even though Aquarius is regarded as one of the most honest signs, that doesn't mean they are always reliable.


Virgos are renowned for their straightforward approach to communication. Virgos aren't interested in lying to others or stomping on people to advance, unlike other signs.


Pisces is one of the zodiac signs that is easy to get along with since they are sweet, dreamy, and thoughtful. Finding someone who doesn't adore them is difficult.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is naturally ambitious. They have an internal fire that pushes them to excel in everything they do.


Being one of the social zodiac signs, Gemini are well-liked by their fellow students.


Some of the most simple and open-minded zodiac signs are Sagittarius.