Twitter roasts WILD LeBron James to Warriors trade suggestion — “This dude a whole joke”

As people insult Nick Wright, LeBron James can play with Stephen Curry. The Denver Nuggets humiliated the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

LeBron James and the Lakers were devastated when the Nuggets swept the playoffs. James was devastated because he almost single-handedly led his club to the playoffs.

His squad never supported him during the season or playoffs. Despite scoring 40 points in Game 4, he was eliminated from the playoffs.

James issued a cryptic statement after the loss, which could be interpreted in many ways. Some suspected retirement, others team changes. Given James' past pronouncements, the team switch made sense to many. After the Nuggets won Game 1, James criticized his teammates' effort.

Nick Wright joined the James-team-change conversation. His idea seemed absurd. Wright stated,

“The Warriors starting lineup would be Steph, Klay, LeBron, Draymond & Looney, with Wiggins and GP2 off the bench. They win.” Wright's suggestion sparked a bunch of "crazy" and "joke" people.

Analysts won't quit speculating about James's plans to retire or switch teams. NBA fans will hear such ridiculous punditry during the offseason.