What Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo, and other seasoned QBs will offer to their 2023 NFL team

How will these veteran quarterbacks affect their new teams? This offseason, a few marquee, established veterans will play in new cities. 

Aaron Rodgers in Jets green and Jimmy Garoppolo in Raiders helmets will take time to adjust to. Baker Mayfield's fourth team since 2021. 

How will these seasoned passers help their new teams? A breakdown.Rodgers' 9.2% pass rate under pressure last season.  

Was one of his worst in his first-ballot Hall-of-Fame-worthy Packers career. That followed only Josh Allen (10.7%) among NFL starters.  

No coincidence. Rodgers has been above 7.0% in that stat for four years. Rodgers has had that capacity throughout his career. Jets . 

Quarterbacks rarely use it. Zach Wilson threw 4.7% under pressure in 2022 and 4.8% as a rookie. Sam Darnold's 2020 was 3.8%. 

Rodgers will be able to perform under duress more often than Fireman Ed has. Rodgers is leaving Matt LaFleur for Nate Hackett,.

His coach from 2019-2021 in Green Bay, when he earned two MVPs. These two should rapidly mesh schematically and verbally.