Yellowstone Star Advises Matthew McConaughey on Franchise Joining

Piper Perabo advises Matthew McConaughey before his Yellowstone debut. Kevin Costner's John Dutton romances Perabo's environmental activist Summer Higgins.

 Summer's fate, like many other characters, is uncertain as Yellowstone ends in November. After Yellowstone, a McConaughey-led sequel will air in December.

Perabo advised McConaughey on joining Yellowstone after season 5 part 2 in an ET interview. She thinks horseback riding is crucial. Perabo's statement follows:

Living in Texas, he understands cowboy culture. Taylor Sheridan is a fantastic cowboy, therefore he better ride well.

 But if you can't ride, cowboy courses might not get you to Yellowstone. Experience is required.

Costner as John Dutton ends with Yellowstone season 5. Costner left the series in early May, and Yellowstone season 5 was announced as the last.

The McConaughey-starring Yellowstone sequel will bring back some characters. It's uncertain how many Dutton family and Yellowstone Ranch residents will return for Yellowstone's next installment. 

Yellowstone is expanding despite Costner's departure. 1923 season 2, starring Harrison Ford, ends the Yellowstone prequel,

while Lawmen: Bass Reeves is in development. 6666, about the Four Sixes Ranch, and 1944, another prequel, are also planned. 

 McConaughey may be taking over the TV universe after Costner leaves Yellowstone.

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