"Yellowstone" Star Cole Hauser Reveals Season 5 Update

The actor rarely writes about the Paramount Network series on Instagram, as his followers know. He uploaded a possible show update on April 15. Yellowstone's season 5 midseason finale aired in January. 

Despite unsubstantiated rumors that the series is ending, filming has yet to begin on the second half of the chapter.

Still, Hauser appears to know when cameras will start rolling. According to the actor, the Yellowstone cast may eventually reunite behind the scenes. 

 I found this old photo of my boys @denimrichards @_jeffersonwhite. He shared a selfie of himself with Denim Richards and Jefferson White, "See y’all soon."

The gang was pleased about the unannounced meetup, not only Hauser. "@colehauser22 this is epic," Richards wrote in the comments section after the Dazed and Confused actor tweeted the photo.

Hauser rarely posts about Yellowstone online, so fans appreciated seeing him alongside some of his castmates. One comment kept coming up.

One Instagram user said, "So Yellowstone is going to finish Season 5?" "When is it back on?" Another said, "The wait is terrible." "Nice shot!" Another follower added, "Can't wait for new episodes!"

While Hauser, Richards, and White's reunion may not be related to the program, it's good to see them on television again. 

Hauser's Rip Wheeler and White's Jimmy Hurdstrom were last seen in the season 5 part 1 finale when the former left the Dutton ranch for the 6666 ranch in Texas due to herding troubles.

 Denim will return to play Colby, John's ranch hand, alongside Jen Landon's Teeter.